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A unique selection of articles on predicting time evolution in nonlinear dynamical systems. Leading international scientists analyze systems ranging from the simple area preserving two-dimensional maps to the question of the foundations of kinetic theory in statistical physics and plasma theory. Covers problems such as the dynamics and statistical physics of atomic gravitational and plasma systems; the orbits of particle beam accelerators and magnetic fusion systems; and space applications of gravitational systems.

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Understanding food industry marketing communication ( pull marketing communication strategy) In food industry , it needs have an efficient marketing communication strategy in...

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The first of two books dealing with the war between the States, first published in 1911. A Virginian author of historical books and novels that often combined romance with...

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Drawing on her years of experience as a nurse and consultant in long-term care, Lynn Avery shows how activity coordinators can provide activity/recreation programs that meet...

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THERE is a slumber so deep that it annihilates time. It is like a fragment of eternity. Beneath its enchantment of vacancy, a day seems like a thousand years, and a thousand...

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