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“The Mission of a Saint” follows St. Patrick through the years he spent in Ireland transforming the land to a country of great faith. The miracles that happen during Patrick’s life in Ireland are amazing, bewildering, and almost overwhelming as he faces off with druids, wizards and kings. This book is a continuation of the book “The Making of a Saint”, and begins where the first book leaves off. Saint Patrick was a God fearing man of great faith. A vast number of unrelated legends about Patrick have been passed down through the centuries about this man. C. L. Neely has sorted through them, put them in a logical order and produced a sensible and inspiring interpretation of the life of Saint Patrick. This is a well-researched and enjoyable book about a familiar saint. Although very historical, it is not written in the common text book style, instead it is presented as a novel. Both books about Patrick include a Truth or Fiction chapter. “The Mission of St. Patrick.” Includes a complete bibliography.

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