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This book is centered around getting myself ready for each day. I feel I should prepare my mind for the day, by asking God for wisdom, courage and strength. In Genesis, the Word says that God mad man in his image and later the Word says He made us with gift which are super spiritual. This book shows the reader what works for me…the reader may consider trying my actions. They work for me but the reader may have different results. I don’t guarantee anything but I believe everything in the Bible…it works for me and if the reader believes in God and the Word, what works for me, will work for anyone who tries it. I even refer to the Bible to show where the Lord highlights the path which is accordance to His plan. I get excited just talking about, how good God has been to me and my family. I will go into more detail if I get requests from my readers. It is easy to find me. Some people take waking up in the morning, for granted. For me, waking up is a blessing…from God. Each is a good day that God has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it. So I continuously find myself thanking God for all the blessings He showers me with. No matter what happens to me, I find a blessing. It isn’t anything a wish for and it certain isn’t luck. God is in control…it is God who directs my life. I acknowledge his power, and praise him in my writing and my poetry. At one time, someone told me, poetry was a dead art. Well, the people who said that can believe that but for me, any way I praise God…poetry is not dead. I write from my heart and God smiles at me. Key to getting my day started, is knowing that God loves me and promised to be with me always. God will remove all obstacles in my path so I will be successful on any project I take on. God is my provider and I depend on no man on earth. I plan and work for God…I am his servant. No man can steal my joy. The Bible says that Jesus stated in very simple terms, the only way to the Father is through Him…Jesus. He said, ask for anything in his name and His will go to the Father and ask on my behalf. Anything I ask for, I will receive it as long as what I ask for, lines up with God’s will and I have the patience to wait for God to determine when is the best time for me to receive my request.

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