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In a secretive scientific society on the brink of war, two women targeted for their abilities will show what it means to fight back.Nora is a Seer, but she doesn’t know it. Exiled from the Enlightened Society and her memories erased, she has no idea that she’s a rare genetically enhanced probability expert. But the war has changed things. The people who once rejected her now see her as both a weapon and a liability. When a pair of eccentric strangers try to warn her, she’s skeptical—right up until the point when futuristic soldiers storm her home with guns drawn.On the opposing side, Annabel lives a life of privilege and prestige as a member of the ruling family. But her status can’t protect her from her brother Cyrus, who will do anything to assert his dominance over both factions of the Enlightened. He subjects Annabel to a dangerous genetic modification, hoping she will become a Seer herself.Targeted and alone, both women will have to form alliances to survive. Nora is forced to seek the help of an irascible outsider she can’t remember—and yet there is something about him that hints at a forgotten past, drawing her closer. Annabel refuses to be a pawn in her brother’s game and plots to take him out, but her plans are foiled by her friend, Jasper. He doesn’t turn her in, but as Cyrus’s right-hand man, she might not be able to trust him.Even as Seers, it will take everything they have to avoid falling victim in a war where attacks are launched from hidden cities, people can be tracked by their genetic profile, soldiers can teleport, and a puff of air can be as lethal as a bullet. Cyrus must be defeated, but can they live long enough to do it?Fans of Marissa Meyer’s The Lunar Chronicles or J.C. Andrijeski’s Bridge and Sword Series will love The Seers, Book 1 of the Enlightened Series.Buy The Seers today and discover the mind-bending world of the Enlightened Society in this fast-paced romantic science fiction novel!

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